It Tastes Way Better than Ganja Butter!


The first time I tasted hemp CBD oil was a little scary. I’d heard many positive stories about CBD oil benefits but was fearful an unpleasant flavor. And I wasn't even sure how to use CBD hemp oil.

My first thought, since this is a cannabis extract, was ganja butter. Have you tried it? Yuck! What an overpowering flavor. Herbal butter is great for cooking, not for sampling plain. And, it takes culinary skills to properly mask the strong flavor.

My fear of CBD oil tasting gross was unwarranted. The taste is earthy, subtle, and even a little spicy. You can whip up some appetizing concoctions for yourself with a little experimentation. The liquid nature of full-spectrum hemp CBD oil makes it easy to get creative.

I find almond milk and bananas to be excellent messengers. Some prefer smoothies. The choice is yours. It’s easy to get creative when you can drop a liquid onto whatever you wish.

Dropping some under your tongue is the quickest way to get the job done. Many vendors recommend this method. But consuming “raw” herbal tinctures isn’t for everyone. The good news is that it’s super easy to combine with your favorite drink, fruit, or fruity drink.

Stay Centered

Try to drop CBD oil in the middle of your drink
Try to drop CBD oil in the middle of your drink

Free-Range CBD Oil

Drink fast and face the CBD oil away from you if it drifts
Drink fast and face the CBD oil away from you if it drifts

Your goal is to not let the CBD oil touch the glass. It will stick and then you might have to get your tongue involved or you’ll lose some oil.

Here's how to add a dose of CBD oil to a drink:

  1. Pour about 2 ounces of non-dairy milk (almond, hemp, soy, etc.) or thick juice into a small glass. I like to use a shot glass. It’s best if the glass is almost full, and be sure to leave enough room for the CBD oil.
  2. Drop your dose into the center of the liquid. The hemp CBD oil will usually stick to itself and create a small puddle.
  3. Drink it down. If the oil has drifted to one side, twist the glass so that the oil is mostly facing away from you. You want the CBD oil to “float” right into your mouth.
Nature's CBD oil messenger

Eat to Your Health

Bananas make it simple to reap CBD oil benefits. Just cut what you need and use the rest for your breakfast.

The oil may run down the side if you drop it right onto the fruit. Instead of making a mess in the kitchen, simply create your own CBD-rich morsel.

Here’s how to turn a chunk of banana into a small vessel:

  1. Slice a banana. The peel is a natural cutting board and you only need one bite-size chunk.
  2. Scoop out a little bowl with your knife. You just want to make a tiny cavity.
  3. Drop the hemp CBD oil right into that little cavity. Be sure to shake the bottle first.
  4. Eat it up. CBD oil’s earthy taste is a nice complement to the banana flavor.

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