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Nature's Gift

CBD is short for CannaBiDiol, which is one of many naturally occurring chemicals found only in the hemp plant.

What is CBD hemp oil? Put simply, it's a special oil harvested from the cannabis plant. And it's very different than the standard hemp oil found at the grocery store.

CBD hemp oil is used as a dietary to support general wellness in people and their pets. It's typically sold in a bottle with a dropper that makes it simple to administer.

Many people report positive results when using CBD. 

 Individual Results Will Vary



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Hempstress Cannabis Sativa: Queen Mother of CBD Hemp Oil

Her Royal Highness, the hemp plant, is Queen of all Herbdom. No other plant on Earth wields such diverse power to heal loyal subjects.

Like all things grown from seed, the Hempstress is made from many natural components. Among her 480+ natural ingredients are 85+ chemicals. These naturally occurring chemicals – cannabinoids – are found only within Her Majesty.

Cannabinoids that aren't already within our bodies are found only in cannabis plants, including hemp and marijuana.

These majestic compounds provide 2 major benefits to the Earth and most who dwell upon it:

Cannabinoids Protect the Queen from Harm

CBD and its army shield the plant from disease and harsh environments. Cannabinoids exist to keep the Queen healthy. She's one hardy crop because of them.

Cannabinoids Benefit All Animals

If you consider yourself a mammal, you were born with receptors specifically designed to interact with cannabinoids. Your Yin – the endocannabinoid system – awaits its Yang.


The Queen of All Herbdom

Ancient Royalty

Use of the multipurpose hemp plant goes back to the dawn of recorded history. The world’s first paper and woven fabric both sprang from cannabis.

Pick any ancient culture, and chances are high they found abundant ways to exploit hemp’s many virtues. People have been using CBD for centuries, but didn’t even know it.

Those early cultures simply regarded the entire cannabis plant as an earthly treasure.




The High Queen

One of modern history’s first documented use of the Hempstress Cannabis Sativa – in oil form – belongs to Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

Flashback to 1890, Her Majesty was feeling a bit crampy and asked her personal physician if he could help a monarch out.

Sir J. Russel Reynolds knew just the remedy. Back then, every physician’s medicine chest was considered incomplete without cannabis. The kind Sir created a tincture – a liquid extract made from herbs – and gave it to Vicky who was feeling icky.

Had the doc been aware of individual cannabinoids, he may have prescribed a CBD hemp oil tincture to relieve the Queen’s menstrual pains.

She was instead given a whole-plant extract, THC and all. While getting high on the green Queen, Queen Victoria enjoyed alleviation from her womanly ailments.

Modern CBD Hemp Oil is Extracted with Supercritical CO2

Modern-Day CBD Oil is Sub- and Supercritical

Sir Reynolds prepared Queen Victoria’s tincture by chopping the whole plant, or perhaps just the flowers, and soaking the greenery in alcohol. The result was a tiny, stiff drink infused with cannabis.

Today’s methods for making CBD extract are far more advanced.

The cleanest method for creating CBD hemp oil is CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction. CO2 extraction is a widespread method that’s effective and safe, and won’t leave potentially harmful residue in CBD hemp oil products. The same process removes caffeine from coffee beans to make decaf.

And the finest hemp extracts are made using the CO2 Total process. It begins with a subcritical extraction to preserve heat-sensitive nutrients. Too hot at first will burn away some of the plant's beneficial compounds.

First, cannabis – preferably the entire plant – is placed into a container. CO2 is then pushed into the container at varying rates of pressure and heat. The CO2 flows through the plant and leaves behind precisely separated plant matter.

This precious extract, high in CBD, is then blended into a base oil typically made from hemp seed.

Other extraction methods may leave harsh residue. Heavy metals have no place in 100% natural CBD oil. Luckily, there are trustworthy CBD vendors who know how to do it right.


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