6 Weeks of Getting to Know CBD


I’m an active person. I love to hike and bike and swim and play all types of organized sports. As time flies by, everyday aches are lasting longer.

I chalk it up to being over 40 years old. Although my mind believes otherwise, my body often reminds me I’m not 12 anymore.

Inflammation is a constant problem for me. Shoulders and ankles and the twice-broken wrist have been problematic for years. OTC meds work fine most of the time, but they come with lots of downsides.

I recently began searching for prevention. Something that could work in unison with my body’s natural systems.

After experimenting with various herbal supplements, a great friend (thanks, Mikey B!) turned me on to CBD hemp oil.

I first researched CBD oil side effects and fell victim to one: an elevated craving for chocolate. Some users also reported popping pimples as CBD detoxified their body. Others, like myself, reported craving sugar as CBD quickly expelled it from their system.

But we’re all unique individuals with unique internal functions. Your body’s reaction to CBD certainly won’t be identical to mine.

Please keep that in mind as you read about my personal experience using CBD cannabis oil.

Individual Results Will Vary

Week 1: Hello

I began my regimen with one daily dose of 5 mg, Monday through Friday only. Starting slow is a common with CBD use.

The body may need time to adjust to such a powerful antioxidant. Taking weekends off gives it that chance.

Dose: 5 mg Hemp CBD oil, 1x/day.

Effects: No changes noticed.

Conclusion: Too early to call.

Week 2: More, Please

I began week two by taking twice as much as last week. And still Monday through Friday only.

By midweek I noticed an improvement in my general wellbeing. Everyday life was simply a little less stressful.

Dose: 5 mg Hemp CBD oil, 2x/day.

Effects: Mood elevation.

Conclusion: So far, so good.

Week 3: Peaceful

Since feeling an improvement the week prior, I kept the dosage at 5 mg twice a day, M-F.

I feel calm and at ease on most days. Perhaps The Eagles said it best: “I’ve got a peaceful, easy feeling.”

Dose: 5 mg Hemp CBD oil, 2x/day.

Effects: Increased patience.

Conclusion: Positive progress.

Week 4: Doctor's Visit

An infected thumb encouraged me to go see a doctor. I like to hope some injuries just get better on their own. Not this time.

The doc was taken aback after hearing how long it’d been since I first noticed something was wrong.

Her exact words: “Your immune system has done a fantastic job of keeping this infection in check.”

Dose: 5 mg Hemp CBD oil, 2x/day.

Effects: Immune support.

Conclusion: Seeing results.

Week 5: Nearly Pain-Free

My nagging inflammation is virtually gone. My shoulders and ankles, even the troubled wrist, all feel much better.

CBD is known to be a painkiller with antibacterial properties. Both attributes are highly appealing to me, especially while fighting an infection.

I doubled my regular dosage for the entirety of thumb recovery week.

Dose: 10 mg Hemp CBD oil, 2x/day.

Effects: Pain reduction.

Conclusion: I'm a believer.

Week 6: True Love

Back to the “maintenance” dose. For my personal needs, a total of 10 mg/day, five days a week, seems to be a good fit.

CBD has helped me heal wounds, uplift moods, and decrease inflammation. It’s now a part of my weekly routine.

I value what CBD has done for me. I also feel truly grateful for the people who work so hard to harvest it for us. Thank you!

Dose: 5 mg Hemp CBD oil, 2x/day.

Effects: General wellness booster.

Conclusion: CBD is good for me.


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