The Cream of the Crop


Bluebird Botanicals carefully crafts cannabinoid concoctions.

Their slow-pulled, full-spectrum cannabis oils are super-high in CBD. And, their CO2 Total extraction process retains every beneficial nutrient found within the hemp plant.

Bluebird Botanicals makes some of the finest CBD hemp oil available anywhere. What is it that makes them America's favorite hemp company? A dozen reasons are listed below.

In 2015, Bluebird Botanicals was instrumental in the passage of the Industrial Hemp Farming Act, which saw more US farms sprouting hemp.

You see, up until the summer of 2017, Bluebird was sourcing their hemp from Denmark. Although the hemp to make their hemp CBD oil was fantastic, getting it here was pricey.

And now that Bluebird's hemp is home-grown, primarily in Kentucky, the substantial savings are now passed to us, the consumers.

Here's a clip outlining some of the reasons why Kentucky farmers are switching from tobacco (yuk!) to hemp (yes!) in their fields:

And as mentioned above, here are 12 reasons why Bluebird Botanicals is one of the finest companies in the CBD industry:


Taking root in 2012, Bluebird perfected their product line before making it available to everyone.

A year later, they were offering top-shelf hemp extracts to consumers in all 50 US states, and many countries worldwide.

By establishing positive relations with European hemp farmers, Bluebird helped lay the foundation for what is now a flourishing cannabinoid industry.


Each and every ingredient within all Bluebird products has its own Certificate of Analysis (COA).

They don’t just take their own word for cannabinoid content. The raw as well as the final hemp extracts are both analyzed by multiple third-party labs.

Bluebird Botanicals strives to keep its stock free from pesticides or fertilizer, and high in cannabinoid content.


From seed to soil to extracting CBD hemp oil, Bluebird downright knows how to make the most of the hemp plant.

Before crops are even planted, great care is taken to ensure the final product will be of the highest quality.

Bluebird transforms CBD extraction into an art form. And they use the safest, most effective analysis techniques to ensure every product is fresh and pure.


If improperly grown or processed, cannabis plants, just like any other plant, may contain harsh toxins or mold.

As independent laboratories verify Bluebird's products for cannabinoid content, they also check for all types of potential contaminants.

Should any element of any product fail to meet Bluebird’s purity standards, they simply won’t use it.


Bluebird attended the 2016 Cannabist Awards, hosted by an influential voice within the cannabis community,

Judges named winners based on four key components: originality, innovation, industry impact, and epitomizing the spirit of the industry within their category.

Among many upstanding hemp businesses, Bluebird was voted the #1 company in the ‘Hemp – CBD’ category!


CBD is a powerful nutrient. But CBD isn’t the only beneficial cannabinoid found within the cannabis plant.

Many other naturally occurring, body-nourishing plant compounds are available for the taking.

But you can only unlock them using the proper extraction methods. Bluebird employs CO2 Total extraction to harvest all of hemp's natural wonders.


Bluebird recognizes the importance of its customers. Some have found CBD hemp oil to be a truly life-changing supplement.

Although it can be tempting to charge high prices for such premium products, Bluebird Botanicals keeps their prices fair for everyone.

In fact, Bluebird’s largest bottle of 6x concentrate, containing a whopping 12,000 mg of CBD, offers the best price per milligram I’ve seen anywhere online.


If you truly desire cannabinoids in your life yet can’t afford them, Bluebird has several assistance programs to offer.

Veterans and the medically disabled save 30% on orders. And the poverty-stricken get a generous 50% discount!

Bluebird Botanicals also provides financial assistance to a cornucopia of charitable organizations nationwide.


Bluebird Botanicals wants every customer to have a great experience using their CBD hemp extracts.

If you’ve heard nothing but great things about CBD yet you’re still on the fence, Bluebird gives you an opportunity to test the waters.

Grab a 10ml bottle of the original recipe extract (not 6x concentrated versions). If you don’t love the product you can get a no-questions-asked refund.


Ever since taking root in the industry, Bluebird has made it a point to forge strong bonds with hemp farmers.

Staying open about farmer expectations and striving to achieve a win/win scenario tends to keep everyone happy.

Bluebird Botanicals also offers support for local farmers, via membership in the National Hemp Association.


In addition to an entire year’s guarantee for a small bottle, there’s a 2-week guarantee for unused hemp CBD oil.

Keeping customers happy is a high priority at Bluebird. They will go out of their way to put a smile on your face and truly earn your business.

Even if you change your mind about an order, you can count on them to make it right. Bluebird Botanicals will help you resolve any issue that may crop up.


Bluebird doesn’t just make some of the finest hemp extracts around, they stand up for their right to do so.

They belong to several cannabis industry associations, and financially backed the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015.

Like many of us, Bluebird Botanicals longs for widespread acceptance of industrial hemp farming here in the USA.

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